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Safari Packages

Wildife and Cultural Safari

On our special combined wildlife and cultural safaris not only will you spend time in the famous Maasai Mara where you can see an abundance of animals living in their natural environment, you will also get to learn about the traditional Maasai way of life.
Feel the spirit of the Maasai, living with nature. Stay in a traditional Maasai manyatta (mud hut) that have added comforts for Western travelers.

Beach Extension – Diani Beach

If you are looking for a few days of rest and relaxation after all the early mornings in the Maasai Mara,we can arrange this for you.
Relaxing on an Indian Ocean beach makes the perfect post-safari experience. The venue, Galu beach which is at the southern end of the famous Diani Beach, is one of the most renowned on the East African Coast, with its long, soft, white sand, making it a tropical paradise. There is also an offshore reef which is ideal for snorkelling and as this also keeps the waves low it is an ideal beach for paddling and swimming.


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