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Wildife and Cultural Safari

On our special combined wildlife and cultural safaris not only will you spend time in the famous Maasai Mara where you can see an abundance of animals living in their natural environment, you will also get to learn about the traditional Maasai way of life.
Feel the spirit of the Maasai, living with nature. Stay in a traditional Maasai manyatta (mud hut) that have added comforts for Western travelers.
Our Maasai guides will introduce you to their culture, their stories, songs and dances, their beliefs, and daily practices. You will have an opportunity to practice milking a goat with a kalabash and sit with the elders listening to their stories. Understand the different roles of men and women, Join the women as they collect water and firewood for their home, Learn about traditional beadwork, cooking, and other
traditional ways of life. Experience warrior training with Maasai warriors. During a nature walk you will be introduced to the traditional medicinal plants and trees that they still use, you can also taste the special medicinal soup prepared for the warriors.

Other activities available are:
A Hillwalk with spectacular views from the top out over the Mara.
Visit to the local market where the men sell their cattle, sheep and goats and the women buy fresh fruit and vegetables, clothes and household goods (Tuesdays only). This is not just a place to buy and sell goods it is a weekly oportunity for the Maasai from different villages to get together catch up on the news and
exchange stories.
Visit to the local school where the children are always happy to welcome and talk to visitors.
Bush dinner where you can sit around the campfire under the stars while sampling local cuisine; Goat roasted over an open fire in addition to other local foods. The Maasai will entertain you with their songs and dance.
You will spend about half the time on safari in the reserve with a full day driving to the Mara river which has plenty of hippo's and crocodiles and is famous for the crossing of the wildebeest during the great migration (July to September) Plus early morning and evening drives when the animals are more active and which is the best time to catch the big cats hunting or eating their kill.
Each cultural safari is tailored to your particular interests
All our safaris are private safaris with sole use of a 4×4 landcruiser with an experienced Maasai driver / guide. You have the option of flying in to Keekorok airstrip or to travel by road with pick up and drop off in Nairobi.