Welcome To Fisi Camp

Our small, exclusive, tented camp is set in the natural environment of the African bush, located close to the Oloolaimutia gate, with magnificent views out over the reserve. It is a family run camp based on eco-friendly principles, using solar energy for electricity, minimising waste and conserving natural resources. The camp is not fenced as we believe that animals have a right to the land which was exclusively theirs before we arrived. Our camp provides an authentic bush experience, while our staff are committed to ensuring your safety and comfort during your stay with us. We at Fisi Camp strongly believe in interaction with the local communities, in line with this, all our staff are local and bring a wealth of knowledge about the area with them. The Maasai are a naturally friendly people and in addition to this they have been trained at the camp to provide the highest standards of customer service. Part of our commitment to the local Maasai involves raising funds to help keep the local Maasai children in school which you can read about on our school project page.



At Fisi Camp you will always be sure of a warm welcome and personal
attention. We hope to make your stay with us a memorable one.

Enjoy Your Camping

Our aim is to provide simplicity with comfort to give you a unique and authentic wildlife experience and the feeling of being part of nature. In addition to the abundant wildlife on our doorstep we offer cultural activities that present an insight into the Maasai culture and way of life. After an exciting day there will be time to relax on your veranda or sit around the campfire to watch the sun go down and listen to the magical sounds of the African night.

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On our special combined wildlife and cultural safaris
not only will you spend time in the famous Maasai Mara
where you can see an abundance of animals living in
their natural environment.