Enrich your visit with amazing activities from walking safaris to cultural Maasai trips and balloon rides over the Mara. All activities are at an extra cost unless included in your personalized itinerary.

Nature Walk

This is the best way of getting closer to nature and its wildlife. Your safari guide armed with traditional Maasai weapons will walk you through the local area where all your senses will be put into action at every step. Smell the plants used in traditional medicines, taste some of the edible wild fruits, listen to the birds and the grunting of the Impala, Identify footprints and animal spoor.

Maasai Village

You will never realise how different Maasai life is from your own until you visit a Maasai village, they will share their wisdoms about their extraordinary way of life. According to custom grazing cattle is the God given right of all Maasai men, while building and looking after the house is for women. The Maasai lifestyle is completely at odds with western practices, but there are many insights to be gained. Enjoy a visit during your stay with us.

Bush Dinner

While on safari, experience a traditional bush dinner. Start with a sundowner while the Maasai roast goat over an open fire in the traditional way. As night descends on the african plains you will be dining out under the stars listening to the sounds of the night life, the calls of the Hyena and roar of the Lion as they hunt for food. After the meal the Maasai will entertain you with traditional song and dance which will make for an unforgettable dining experience

Balloon Safari

A Hot air balloon safari over the savannah of the Maasai Mara at sunrise is an unforgettable experience. As you Glide over the vast African plains and witness the early morning activities of the animals you will gain a fresh perspective of the wildlife below. During July and August you will also see huge herds of wildebeest and zebra covering the plains as they enter the Maasai Mara on their annual migration from the Serengeti in Tanzania. At the landing site, on the open plains, a champagne breakfast is waiting for you.