School project

Help a child go to school

Accompany children in their educational development, enabling them to shape their own lives.

Education is a basic human right. Our vision is a world in which children from disadvantaged backgrounds are empowered through education to live with dignity, opportunity and hope.

Schools here receive little or no government support for each child in society This limitation mostly affects those children that come from poor backgrounds, those who are orphaned and those from single parent families. It is these children that we want to help.

The teacher to child ratio at the school we work with is high at 1:82 While the schools’ basic facilities are also strained making it hard for the children to get the basic education they deserve. We are addressing quality education to vulnerable children who can’t afford the school fees that the independent schools are asking.

Here in the Mara everyday life is slowly shifting from a cultural, pastoralist and nomadic lifestyle perspective of the typical Maasai, making education an essential requirement for the new generation. Most of these families earn a minimum income that is barely enough to feed, clothe and educate their children, most live on less than $1 a day.


We are part of a community that need your help, we cannot do it alone, we value your support. Together we do this with a full heart, enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage.

During your visit to Fisi Camp you are more than welcome to visit the Maasai children in school, join them in class, play together in the school yard. These visits can be added to your itinerary

We currently support 30 needy students with the generous help of our guests who partially or fully contribute to our programme. If you personally want to offer your help by sponsorship or giving a donation. You can be sure that every shilling or dollar given to this project goes directly to the education of the children. For more information on this contact: Marie